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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pictures of recent design

This is a design I've called Thuluth Prayer. It's based on a calligraphic piece from the 1500's with a simple prayer towards God that reads: Yakad yumasikuhu 'irfan rahatihi rukn al-hatim / The grasping of God (al-hatim) brings the knowledge of His comfort.

I designed this for Hannah's nanny, Lyla - she's holding the completed piece to give you an idea of the final size. It took me nearly 4 months of stitching, 2 or so hours every night. Completely in cross stitch on Zweigart aida with DMC fibres. Tonight I will try to take some photos of the Alphabet sampler as it currently is - finished size should be apx 2 feet high, preframe.



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