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Friday, October 04, 2013

The Pastel Alphabet Sampler is complete! 131102

I just picked this up from Michaels (yes, I had to use a corporate framer as the thing is huge and would otherwise bankrupt me) and after $250 for framing and another $100 for an easel to display the finished work, it is ready to show.
What do you think? I've become so enamoured with the piece that I have started on another one in primary colours but using more advanced stitch combinations for each box. I have to mention my suppliers here because I could not have made it this far without their continued support:

Rainbow Gallery - most wonderful collection of needlework fibres; they are my inspiration for texture and depth.

DMC - the designer support program is excellent and I have discovered a whole new fibre: Floche....so soft, watch for it in new and upcoming designs.

Wichelt - fabric and Mill Hill bead supplier; I just finished two "freebie" designs for them; watch the Wichelt website in December / January.

Zweigart - also fabrics; nice evenweaves with good weight and endurance.

I'm now working on a couple of new design too: Sight Monochrome and Qarawiyyin.


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  • This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm not much of an alphabet person (stitching-wise, otherwise I love words, and there are no words without an alphabet!); however I do think this is wonderful! Well done Karen. I hope I can get to the show to see it in person!

    By Blogger Rowan, at 5:57 AM  

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